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Last day to stay dry!
April 12, 2011

Well starting tomorrow Songkran officially kicks in – which means if we go outside we get wet! Newsflash – that’s 6 straight days of ‘water throwing’ with April 19th being Pattaya’s biggest water celebration. So we decided to take today to go out and enjoy our last ‘dry day’. Since we will be cooking in for the next week, we were excited to dine out for lunch at Shenanigans Irish Pub.

It was quite a creative looking salad!

I enjoyed a tasty avocado, beet and prawn salad while Stephen chowed down on a bacon cheeseburger. And yes – I am one of those girls who will order a healthy salad and ultimately end up ordering fries too. So lucky for me Stephen shared 🙂

This afternoon we had a major Bowling Competition. For some reason I could not get back into the swing of things. How can I compete when he pulls out pro-bowling moves like this?! This also brought back memories of Tuesday’s bowling league night back in college! Let’s just say Stephen won the bowling competition – and I won with my chocolate banana smoothie.

This smoothie made up for my bowling loss 🙂

Next up? A Dressed to Dish Gal!

Katie is dressed to dish with a delicious Texas Sheet Cake!

If you haven’t seen Katie’s blog – you should definitely check it out! She always has something yummy baking in her kitchen. This Texas Sheet Cake looks delicious that she made. Go to What Katie’s Baking? for other fabulous recipes!

Next? Our Stocked Fridge! Is there a snowstorm on the way? Nope – just Songkran!

Finally I must show you our stocked fridge! Can you tell we don’t want to go out much in the next week in an effort to stay dry? If this is how our fridge looks, you can only imagine our pantry! Let’s just say there will be lots of cooking in this kitchen over the next week ~ so stay tuned for future recipes!

My favorite things from our recent grocery trips?

Baked Doritos, Tostitos Lime Chips, and Frank’s Buffalo Sauce! We found a new grocery store yesterday that has more American brand food than we’re used to seeing. Needless to say I’m excited for a ‘taste of home’ with these snack foods. Well that does it for now! Hope your week is off to a good start ~ stay dressed to dish! 🙂


Craving Chocolate Lava!
April 7, 2011

The perfect after school treat - in moderation of course 🙂

I fell in love with this Molten Lava Chocolate Cupcake when I first bought it 2 weeks ago from vendors at school. Ever since then I have had a craving for another one. Today I decided to share the love and buy two – one for me and one for Stephen (he was lucky his cupcake made it home if you know what I mean). As soon as you bite into it, ooey gooey chocolate oozes out from the center – hence the “lava” – and heaven in my mouth.

Heaven in my mouth - admit it, you'd cheat on your diet for that 🙂

Last night we made spaghetti & meatballs. In my best italian accent, “These are some-a spicy a-meatballs!” Our meatballs consisted of garlic, onions, red chili, bread crumbs & a bit of water. With a sprinkle of Parmesan on top, our italian meatballs were a success.

Now from one dinner to the next! Tonight’s dinner I decided to whip up some pancakes after American Idol. I was excited for a breakfast dinner since my breakfast usually involves eating something quick on the go. Growing up my sisters and I loved putting sprinkles in our pancakes – crazy colorful and fun! So lucky for me we had sprinkles in our pantry. Stephen opted for chocolate chips, another favorite 🙂

Dressed to Dish!

Breakfast is ready! Pancakes & Scrambled Eggs

My black and white attire came together nicely with my new necklace. I bought it from school the other day and could not wait to wear it. Food Vendors I love but the next best thing? We had someone come in to sell jewelry, clothes & accessories on Tuesday…why don’t American schools do this?! Okay but back to the pancakes!

What a beautiful sight 🙂

Oh breakfast how I’ve missed you

Such a nice change to my quick peanut butter toast in the morning! But if I must be completely honest…I’m already looking forward to next week’s chocolate lava cupcake – it’s the little things in life 😉 Needless to say I think I’ve found my weakness in chocolate lava.

I’m curious what’s your food weakness? You know you have one – that food that you lose all willpower to when it confronts you…please share, or at least make me feel a lil better about my food weakness! 🙂

Food Fanatic
April 4, 2011

We have a holiday on Wednesday which means it’s a 4 day work week  – needless to say my Monday is off to a good start 🙂 Before I carry on about my day, I must share with you the deliciousness that was our dinner last night. I give full credit to Stephen as he cooked one of the best omelettes I’ve EVER had.

Pork Omelette ~ Filled with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Spinach

Ingredients: Diced Pork, Chopped Bacon & Spinach

Definitely cannot forget the cheese!

First bite!

Yum Yum Yum!

I feel like my day today has revolved around food. After reminiscing over last night’s yummy dinner, buying food from vendors at school, getting a “Dressed to Dish” picture of some friends eating at Panera back home & catching up on some food magazines….I’ve come to the realization I am a FOOD FANATIC all the way. Whether I am eating, cooking, watching “food” related TV shows, or reading about food, I am the poster child for an “Obsessed Foodie”. After getting that off my chest…let’s continue 🙂

Dressed to Dish Girls!

I was beyond excited when I came across this picture in my inbox this morning! Thank you to Nicole for sending in the Dressed to Dish pic! My two friends Stephanie and Ashley are not only fashionably dressed while dining at one of my favorite restaurants back home – aka Panera – but they are eating my favorite Panera dish and wearing my favorite accessory. Favorite Dish? Broccoli & Cheese Soup. Favorite Accessory? The White Watch!

For dinner tonight we have home-made lasagna ~ probably my best buy so far from the school vendors 🙂 We paired it with a light salad, a slice of french bread & a glass of red wine. Can my food-filled day get much better?! The answer is yes! I get to relax tonight and enjoy reading the Food network Magazine & cookbook I bought over the weekend.

I hope you are off to a good start to the week! Take my advice…become a “food fanatic”…it’s kinda a lot of fun 🙂

Out & About!
March 20, 2011

We were out & about this weekend checking out Pattaya’s Music Festival that filled the streets with hundreds of vendors. Everything from music to food to trinkets covered Beach Road. I stopped for some freshly squeezed orange juice….which tasted amaaazing I might add.

More please? I bought another one within 5 minutes.

This next vendor was Stephen’s favorite. The smells from the grill had us searching for this barbecued chicken, as you can see we were successful.

And some other things that have me smiling?

Chips & Salsa!

I swear I could live off chips and salsa...true story.

French Pastry ~ Pettole! Okay basically a Donut in other words. But after searching the Internet a zillion times, my Pettole pastries turned out more like elegant blueberry pancakes.

It’s just as well, I would rather eat dessert for breakfast any day 🙂

Home Decor! Through our vendor/bargain shopping Stephen picked out this hand-carved wooden vase. He may not be into shopping for clothes, but the fact that he enjoys apartment shopping has me smiling. 🙂

A perfect accent to a side table!

After another weekend of browsing Pattaya’s streets, we are exhausted. The weekends go by too fast! We’re ready to enjoy a relaxing Sunday night – Thai take-out and movies sound good to me. Hope you had a great weekend! Stay dressed to dish 🙂

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