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Long Time No See!
March 26, 2011

Long time no see! I missed not blogging for a week…but I certainly did not stop taking pictures everywhere I went! We had a bad storm this past Monday and our internet at home has been out all week. So while I wish I could recap every “dressed to dish” detail, I’m afraid my post would be TOO long! The most exciting part of this past week was without a doubt my lunch on Thursday. My usual lunch consists of a pack of microwaveable noodles (my lunches are boring at work). But in an effort to celebrate a teacher’s birthday, there was basically a Thanksgiving feast for lunch.

A feast if I ever saw one! Definitely did not feel like going back to work afterwards!

My favorite part of the food spread? The cheese board! Too bad it’s not someone’s birthday everyday.


My contribution? FUDGE. Home-made Fudge was my mission this week and I think I succeeded 🙂

I made a dark chocolate & PB Fudge...and oh - my - goodness. Let's just say I've been at the gym everyday!

Since our internet was out, I had to wing it! Thankfully I remembered all the ingredients, but I’ll have to double check my measurements before I post the recipe.

My fudge had the privilege of accompanying some mouth watering croissants at the dessert table. I had the brilliant idea of putting some fudge inside a croissant which tasted amazing! After all was said and done, it’s now Saturday and I’m still trying to work off Thursday’s lunch.

Last but not least? The Birthday Cake!

This cake has been my reason for visiting the gym everyday...but SO worth it 🙂

I am so happy to be reconnected to the Cyber World after a week. I’ve been busy catching up with all my favorite bloggers! So after a week off from my beloved Dressed to Dish blog, I am thrilled to come back to my “blog baby”. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! And as usual, stay dressed to dish! 🙂


Out & About!
March 20, 2011

We were out & about this weekend checking out Pattaya’s Music Festival that filled the streets with hundreds of vendors. Everything from music to food to trinkets covered Beach Road. I stopped for some freshly squeezed orange juice….which tasted amaaazing I might add.

More please? I bought another one within 5 minutes.

This next vendor was Stephen’s favorite. The smells from the grill had us searching for this barbecued chicken, as you can see we were successful.

And some other things that have me smiling?

Chips & Salsa!

I swear I could live off chips and salsa...true story.

French Pastry ~ Pettole! Okay basically a Donut in other words. But after searching the Internet a zillion times, my Pettole pastries turned out more like elegant blueberry pancakes.

It’s just as well, I would rather eat dessert for breakfast any day 🙂

Home Decor! Through our vendor/bargain shopping Stephen picked out this hand-carved wooden vase. He may not be into shopping for clothes, but the fact that he enjoys apartment shopping has me smiling. 🙂

A perfect accent to a side table!

After another weekend of browsing Pattaya’s streets, we are exhausted. The weekends go by too fast! We’re ready to enjoy a relaxing Sunday night – Thai take-out and movies sound good to me. Hope you had a great weekend! Stay dressed to dish 🙂

I love Fridays!
March 18, 2011

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! It's Friday!

I love Fridays. Who doesn’t? I feel like my mood is automatically at an all time high. I find myself humming to Disney songs with kids on the school bus to and from school. What!? The song is in Thai? Yep – still find myself singing & humming along, making up my own words along the way! I don’t even mind going to the gym…say what? I can sleep in tomorrow which means the gym is my friend today. American Idol Results also air on Fridays…could my day get any better? My thoughts are yes. Obviously we need food to go along with American Idol 🙂 So I made some Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Chicken, peppers, carrots, onions, chilis & soy sauce

This is usually an appetizer but I must have made 10 times the usual amount because we were stuffed. We’re planning on seeing a movie tonight so I’m breakin’ out my long jeans! Let me just tell you since I have been here I have not worn long jeans out of our apt due to the hot weather. But oddly enough the past few days have been extremely chilly in this part of Thailand. I’m LOVING this weather as it feels like home. Most of the Thais have been bustin’ out their winter jackets for this lovely 70 degree weather. They must think everyone else is caraaazy for still wearing summer clothes.


Wearing my jeans in this cool weather makes my Friday complete. Oh and how could I forget? I learned 2 new Thai phrases today….these will probably be my favorite thus far. I learned how to say: How much? (perfect for shopping) & Discount Price? (even better!). Well friends I will certainly be trying these new Thai phrases out this weekend…hopefully they come in handy! Hope you have a great weekend, stay dressed to dish! 🙂

Flea Finds!
March 16, 2011

Over the weekend we passed by a flea market with tons of vendors. It’s basically like I’ve just struck a gold mine in my opinion 😉 I found some gorgeous hand-made hair pieces to add to an up-do style. We’ll see if I can pull that style off. I also got some vintage feather earrings in the brightest blue. Crossing my fingers that my suitcases will be able to fit everything come this fall!

Last night for dinner I made an eggplant pasta, using the eggplant I bought yesterday at school. Along with my eggplant, I cut up some onions, garlic, peppers, and a can of tomatoes to add to my pasta. It was really tasty! Sadly we did not have cheese because I was hoping to make an Eggplant Parmesan – but there’s always next time!

And for a sweet treat after dinner, I warmed up my home-made apple turnover with a little vanilla icecream.

Definitely the perfect way to end my day! Today I had a run-in with the GYM. Not always my favorite place, but thank goodness my Ipod was charged to get me through my work-out! I made it a point to go work-out today since I’m dining out tonight with a few girls from work. The plan? Mexican Food! Needless to say I’m excited 🙂

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