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Striving to live a Healthy ‘Dressed to Dish’ Lifestyle

While Food and Fashion are the key ingredients that deliver Dressed to Dish, it’s the lifestyle I live that makes me happy. I decided to create this page because I wanted to emphasize the fact that I strive to lead a healthy “dressed to dish” life. In between all the food, clothes and accessories, there’s a balance to my life. That means while I may devour an entire pizza to myself, the next day I am making up for it through healthy eating & exercise. I am a health nut at heart.

A HEALTHY BALANCE if I ever saw one – Salad & Fries! Life’s no fun if you can’t INDULGE.

Honestly when I first started blogging, I thought I would never blog about my workout habits and healthy tendencies. Why? This was because I felt there would be pressure on me to follow through with it…what if I slipped up and didn’t workout for a week, would I tell my readers? But now I am here to tell you while FOOD & FASHION are my loves, you will see all that goes into my “dressed to dish” lifestyle – healthy obsessions included! After all, there’s nothing like a quick trip to the gym to pep up my “dressed to dish” attitude. Confidence is key :)

Besides, my healthy balance allows me to enjoy life to the fullest! A few cocktails along the way won’t hurt either!


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  1. Life’s no fun if you can’y indulge!!!! {Love it}

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