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Celebrating the Thai New Year - Songkran Festival

Hi folks! Well we are officially off for two weeks in celebration of the Thai New Year ~ Songkran Festival. It’s usually celebrated April 13-15th & can last up to 6 days in various parts of Thailand. The most popular way to celebrate is the “throwing of water”. Literally all schools and businesses will shut down because you cannot go anywhere without someone drenching you with water. I’ve heard lots of crazy stories already – for instance a random person might walk up to you and pour a bucket of ice cold water over your head. Most people either vacate or stay inside for 2 straight days. So while Stephen and I have stocked our kitchen pantry and loaded our DVD player, we’re excited to venture out into Pattaya’s streets as it is one big water fight! I will definitely keep you updated as the Songkran Festival hits Pattaya in just a few short days!

Our main mode of transportation – the Baht Bus! I decided to record a quick video and say hi! We’re on our way to buy some groceries to stock up before Songkran.

Yay first video! Funniest part of this video by far? When I sound like Napoleon Dynamite after Stephen (Cush) says, “Hi Cush”. Haha I think I was taking my first blog video very seriously. Every time I click repeat – I start laughing at the sound of my “Napoleon-UGH”.  Our driver stopped quite abruptly – hence my “Woahhh”. But there you have it, our average baht bus ride in Thailand!

We indulged in some Starbucks Coffee this morning and I enjoyed a lovely chocolate cake pop. Do you like cake pops? I have become obsessed with them. I was always the kid mashing up birthday cake with my ice cream at parties because it just tasted so much better. So clearly the cake pop and I are very fond of each other.

So after stocking our kitchen and DVD shelf we are in for a movie night! We have been cracking up over reruns of Modern Family as it has become one of our favorite shows. Well that sums up this post as it’s time to load the next disc for Modern Family! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


8 Responses

  1. hey girl!
    you look like you’re having a wonderful time!!
    love the baht bus and your video. haha! you definitely sounded like napoleon!!
    p.s. i’ll be sending in a picture soon!!! probably today, actually!

    • yay can’t wait! Haha I keep laughing over my Napoleon UGH.

  2. Rachel, I love this video!! It was so nice to see you AND Cush! And that sounds like such a cool holiday! I’d probably hole up inside my apartment and watch from the windows, though! Enjoy your time off! 🙂

    • Thanks Colleen! I’m actually the one voting to stay inside but I think Cush is going to end up dragging me out there haha

  3. love cake pops! I’m still crossing my fingers for them at your wedding so we can see lovely pictures of dressed to dish cake pops 🙂

  4. I am looking forward to hearing more about the festivals! I would LOVE to participate in such a huge water fight…the little kid in me coming out. What fun!

  5. […] starting tomorrow Songkran officially kicks in – which means if we go outside we get wet! Newsflash – that’s […]

  6. […] But in reality it’s 80 degrees and sunny with a splash of water on your head – aka – Songkran – the Thai New Year. So since we’re “stuck inside” I figured a mug of hot chocolate would be perfect […]

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