Craving Chocolate Lava!

The perfect after school treat - in moderation of course 🙂

I fell in love with this Molten Lava Chocolate Cupcake when I first bought it 2 weeks ago from vendors at school. Ever since then I have had a craving for another one. Today I decided to share the love and buy two – one for me and one for Stephen (he was lucky his cupcake made it home if you know what I mean). As soon as you bite into it, ooey gooey chocolate oozes out from the center – hence the “lava” – and heaven in my mouth.

Heaven in my mouth - admit it, you'd cheat on your diet for that 🙂

Last night we made spaghetti & meatballs. In my best italian accent, “These are some-a spicy a-meatballs!” Our meatballs consisted of garlic, onions, red chili, bread crumbs & a bit of water. With a sprinkle of Parmesan on top, our italian meatballs were a success.

Now from one dinner to the next! Tonight’s dinner I decided to whip up some pancakes after American Idol. I was excited for a breakfast dinner since my breakfast usually involves eating something quick on the go. Growing up my sisters and I loved putting sprinkles in our pancakes – crazy colorful and fun! So lucky for me we had sprinkles in our pantry. Stephen opted for chocolate chips, another favorite 🙂

Dressed to Dish!

Breakfast is ready! Pancakes & Scrambled Eggs

My black and white attire came together nicely with my new necklace. I bought it from school the other day and could not wait to wear it. Food Vendors I love but the next best thing? We had someone come in to sell jewelry, clothes & accessories on Tuesday…why don’t American schools do this?! Okay but back to the pancakes!

What a beautiful sight 🙂

Oh breakfast how I’ve missed you

Such a nice change to my quick peanut butter toast in the morning! But if I must be completely honest…I’m already looking forward to next week’s chocolate lava cupcake – it’s the little things in life 😉 Needless to say I think I’ve found my weakness in chocolate lava.

I’m curious what’s your food weakness? You know you have one – that food that you lose all willpower to when it confronts you…please share, or at least make me feel a lil better about my food weakness! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. OH my goodness gracious. Please send me 10 of those cupcakes. Every week 😉

  2. the cupcakes look heavenly! The first photo looks really nice!!

    • thanks Sara! It literally was heaven in my mouth 🙂

  3. My weakness is Apple Cake, Apple Fritters, Apple Pie, Apple Cobbler (notice a trend?). Haha, I LOVE apple desserts! If I see it I usually always get it!

    I agree with you, American schools should have vendors as well! I would love to live and work and Thailand and be able to work and shop at the same time. That is so awesome and you always end up with the cutest things!

    • Ahh all those apple desserts sound delicious!! I loveeee apple cake!

      • My grandma has the best apple cake recipe, you would love it!

  4. oh woowww!!! that cupcake looks sooo sinfully delicious!!!
    i want some of those and some of your pancakes, pronto, please! 🙂
    p.s. your necklace is cute!!

    • thanks girl!! I felt like a little kid putting sprinkles in my pancakes but they’re so yummy!

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