Cheers to the Holidays!
November 27, 2011

To say that Thanksgiving has come and gone – would be an understatement! I would be lying if I told you I was sick of thanksgiving-like food…I just came home and raided our leftovers for a quick & easy dinner.

I was prepared to show you lots of close-up pictures of Thanksgiving feasts I happily indulged in, including a football tailgate – but over the course of 4 days I could write a novel. So here are a few of my favorites – all delicious food and good times with the fam!

Got Pies? 🙂

~All the Stafford gals~

This is what our back stock room looked like on Black Friday - needless to say we had to stay energized for all the crazy midnight shoppers!


Stafford & Cushman Tailgate Party!

The boys!

The girls!

Now on to Christmas! Let me just tell you I AM READY. Last year, Stephen and I were laying by a pool in Thailand ~ drinking cocktails on Christmas day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it…but that just means this year I am going all out for Christmas 🙂

Stephen seems to be excited too! 😉

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Time to start recovering from my food coma before the next one hits!



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