Photo Hunt ~ You know the deal!
May 10, 2011

Hi folks! It’s without a doubt been a Thai Tuesday for us. Well obviously every Tuesday is inevitably a Thai Tuesday, but tonight we tried a new local Thai restaurant. With just about a block away…this new restaurant may be seeing a lot more of us. Thankfully it was a cooler night so we chose to sit outside and enjoy our dinner.

For starters, we began with Thai Spring Rolls ~ a much healthier version than we’re used to seeing with lots of fresh veggies.

Stephen opted for Pan Fried Noodles & Chicken, while I ordered an Asparagus & Shrimp dish. Both were delicious and not to mention quite the bargain. After leaving with a 225 baht tab (about $7 bucks) that’s what I call a bargain baby!

Next up? PHOTO HUNT 🙂 In other words, if you are a frequent visitor of the Touch Screen at various bars…then you know the deal. You know the game – and if you don’t, simply hunt for what’s different!

Got it? Over the weekend we passed by this “statue”. After giving it a double take – I realized something was definitely not right. Yep you got it! This man spray painted himself to appear as a statue and I gotta’ admit…it definitely was a clever way to grab a few tips! Although I knew ahead of time he was a “fake”, I still kept thinking he was going to step out of character and grab me while having a picture taken! The major difference? The statue is sipping out of his cup in the 2nd picture.

Alright off to catch an episode of Master Chef Australia! Enjoy your day!

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