Legs like Jello!
November 14, 2011

I survived my 1st HALF MARATHON!

And boy am I feelin’ it…legs like jello & feet feelin’ sprained. END RESULT = Just give me a walker and let’s call it a day. In spite of all my soreness – I LOVE this feeling. It’s not lettin’ me forget those 13.1 miles I ran for sheer enjoyment πŸ™‚

The morning started with a chilly 34 degrees. With less than 15 minutes until race time, my mom and I parked (what felt like) a mile away – YES I’m about to run 13 miles – but I sure as heck don’t want to walk a mile afterwards to the car…we did.

Minutes before our start!

2 HOURS & 13 MINUTES later…I had run 13.1 miles & was walking on a cloud of JELLO.

Stephen met me at the Finish Line! In exhange for flowers he got a well deserved sweat-infused hug.Β  For the remainder of the weekend – I had my fair share of celebratory junk food, but Sunday night’s dinner trumped my chips & salsaΒ  πŸ˜‰

Thank you to my future IN-LAWS for a nice & relaxing Sunday night πŸ™‚ Nothing beats ending this weekend like a glass of red wine, steak on the grill, and little Frank Sinatra.

Skirt Steak, Diced Red Potatoes, & Fresh Asparagus ~ So good!

After eating a DEE-licious dinner and reminiscing over childhood stories, we clanked our glasses and said cheers with Chocolate GODIVA Vodka – And Oh my gawd that was the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend πŸ™‚

Hope you’re off to a great week ~ stay dressed to dish!


Twas’ the night before…
November 11, 2011

With less than 12 hours before I run my FIRST Half Marathon, the butterflies are beginning to arrive!

Last night I picked up my Registration packet and Bib Number ~ # 9602! Let me just tell you – walking into the Race Expo last night was like walking into a Runner’s Paradise. Shoes, snacks & athletic gear flooded the entire inside. First up ~ I signed my name on the Runner’s Poster!

As far as all the goodies & prizes, I was SO overwhelmed!

26.2 ~ Hmmm maybe next year I can buy that mug?

For dinner tonight it was PASTA PASTA PASTA. πŸ™‚

After reading a gazillion recipes…I basically concocted my own list of ingredients. Ultimately it came down to ~Fettuccine with turkey sausage, chopped tomatoes, basil, garlic, and FETA ~ gotta have that cheese!

Hope you have a great weekend! I’ll catch up with you after this weekend’s festivities! πŸ™‚

I’m off to enjoy a scrumptious, calorie packed brownie…or two…before gettin’ my ZZZZ’s!

Sweet November!
November 1, 2011

Hope everyone had a safe & spooky Halloween! Leading up to last night’s festivities, I was busy working at The Loft. So I knew my lofty attire had to in some way let customers know I was in the spirit. I opted for black dress pants, a black & white scarf, and orange feather earrings…if I was not at the register or in the dressing room, I could be found eating candy πŸ™‚

Between my low-key Peacock outfit & “Doctor Cush”, we somehow managed to match perfectly. In case you didn’t know, my Peacock attire is only a mere smidgen of how overly obsessed I have become with this gorgeous bird.

On to other news! Happy November!

I can already smell the sweet & southern aromas that will be filling the kitchen this month. That AND the Richmond Magazine ~ Southern Food Guide issue just arrived in our mailbox. Hail Mary bring on the butter & gravy! So as you can imagine, after my nice & relaxing 5 mile run this morning, I was tuned into what southern recipes I could whip up this month.

With less than 12 days til my FIRST Half Marathon – I am more conscious than ever about drinking plenty of fluids & eating a healthy balanced diet. So for lunch I had brown rice, mixed with spinach, tomatoes, & onions. No cookin’ here – I simply popped in my SmartFresh Rice & Veggie bag in the microwave and WALLAH – my lunch was ready in 3 minutes!

Alright friends, have a great Tuesday and Happy November 1st!

Give A Girl A Cupcake
October 28, 2011

Happy Friday friends!

Yesterday was a milestone in my book. In training for the November half marathon – I ran 10 miles. Honestly all I wanted after running was a giant chocolate smoothie, a huge slice of deep dish pizza, and a cupcake. But seeing as how I am in training – I opted for a Powerade, turkey sandwich, and a CUPCAKE πŸ™‚

Katherine's Spider Cupcakes!

No matter what I will never deprive myself of something ~ or else in a week I will probably be on a downward spiral (As in I bought a tub of ice-cream and finished the entire thing in one sitting) Moderation is everything.

Stephen and I recently took a trip to Carytown Cupcakes. First off how have I never been there before now? The interior of their store is old fashioned and makes you feel like you took a trip down memory lane. What really had me excited? With Stephen not being a big dessert fan, he ordered his OWN Amaretto cupcake.

I was so taken back that we were not sharing a dessert that I was speechless – and SUPER excited to inhale my own…yes inhale my pineapple & banana cupcake. This trip was well worth it – and hopefully will come again soon!

We’re off to meet with a potential photographer this evening for our wedding! I’ll catch ya later!

Have a great weekend and stay dressed to dish!

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