Catch Up!
May 17, 2011

Sorry for the week long delay ~ with feisty internet service, it’s hard to knock out a blog post. So that means it’s time to play catch up! Last week at school the Early Years put on an awesome Art Exhibition for parents, teachers, and fellow students. I was definitely one of their biggest fans, as they laughed at me snappin’ pics left and right…hey a girl’s gotta blog 😉

The past week I have been on a bit of a health kick…why? Because I fall to temptation when a cake stares me in the face…which is pretty much every school day.

So every chance I get, I run down the closest fruit vendor…true story 🙂

Just bought some fresh Pineapple and Cantalope...such a good deal!

Along with my fresh fruit, I’ve been munchin’ on veggie salads, cereal, and lots of water! The heat here is sometimes unbearable!

Stephen is not always on the same wave length as me when it comes to healthy eating…

But that’s okay…that just means I know I can sneak a small bite of whatever he’s having 😉 Hope your week is off to a great start! Stay dressed to dish!


Long Time No See!
March 26, 2011

Long time no see! I missed not blogging for a week…but I certainly did not stop taking pictures everywhere I went! We had a bad storm this past Monday and our internet at home has been out all week. So while I wish I could recap every “dressed to dish” detail, I’m afraid my post would be TOO long! The most exciting part of this past week was without a doubt my lunch on Thursday. My usual lunch consists of a pack of microwaveable noodles (my lunches are boring at work). But in an effort to celebrate a teacher’s birthday, there was basically a Thanksgiving feast for lunch.

A feast if I ever saw one! Definitely did not feel like going back to work afterwards!

My favorite part of the food spread? The cheese board! Too bad it’s not someone’s birthday everyday.


My contribution? FUDGE. Home-made Fudge was my mission this week and I think I succeeded 🙂

I made a dark chocolate & PB Fudge...and oh - my - goodness. Let's just say I've been at the gym everyday!

Since our internet was out, I had to wing it! Thankfully I remembered all the ingredients, but I’ll have to double check my measurements before I post the recipe.

My fudge had the privilege of accompanying some mouth watering croissants at the dessert table. I had the brilliant idea of putting some fudge inside a croissant which tasted amazing! After all was said and done, it’s now Saturday and I’m still trying to work off Thursday’s lunch.

Last but not least? The Birthday Cake!

This cake has been my reason for visiting the gym everyday...but SO worth it 🙂

I am so happy to be reconnected to the Cyber World after a week. I’ve been busy catching up with all my favorite bloggers! So after a week off from my beloved Dressed to Dish blog, I am thrilled to come back to my “blog baby”. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! And as usual, stay dressed to dish! 🙂

Birthday Festivities!
February 20, 2011

Our Sunday was full of festivities today. Lots of YUMMY food, CAKE, and a day at the SPA…what more could you ask for? Stephen is officially 25 today and how did he want to start off his birthday? By watching Despicable Me – there’s a kid in all of us 🙂 We love this movie and it was definitely the perfect way to start off his 25th birthday!

Next up? Stephen decided he wanted to spend his birthday at the SPA…I had no complaints!

We each had the Full Body Thai Oil Massage – needless to say we were very relaxed afterwards. Mind you, I contained my laughter this time and held it together! Although at one point during the back massage, I was thinking HELLO, and did not realize how far down the back the massage went!

Food is always at the center of occasions! So we dined at Bruno’s Restaurant & Bar for a special birthday dinner.

Okay so between the two of us, we had a TON of food at the table – don’t judge 🙂

Please don’t judge because while we did have Tiramisu, I still had a surprise birthday dessert waiting at home 🙂

Birthday Cheesecake!

Stephen is not a big dessert person (we differ in this aspect) but he does LOVE cheesecake! So I was very happy when I found a Chocolate Vanilla Cheesecake at the store!

I LOVE making gift baskets - especially for Birthdays!

If there’s ever a special occasion, I usually resort to a gift basket full of goodies. I love gathering various things together (which usually revolve around food) and putting it altogether! Along with a few gifts, Stephen loved his basket full of his favorite foods. I think even when I’m an old lady I’ll still have “gift basket” mentality.

Stephen had a wonderful & relaxing 25th Birthday, as food played a big part! Hope you have a great Sunday 🙂

February Fever ~ For Fashion
February 2, 2011

February Fashion - Romantic Reds & Pinks

I love February, it’s probably one of my favorite months – and not just because of my birthday (although that is a small part 🙂 ). I snapped this picture from the latest Cosmo edition and I think it sums up the perfect color scheme. When I think of February I think of pinks, reds and all things romantic. Girls always play up the infamous V-Day, expecting roses, candy, stuffed animals and everything else under the kitchen sink. I confess I may have been guilty of that at one time or another. But now when I think about it, I would much rather be surprised than have a specific day to enjoy all of those things. Coming home to a dozen flowers on a random day out of the year is so much more exciting and unexpected. It only makes sense the new season of The Bachelor has started just in time for February, as the hype is all about the red rose!

Now granted these are fake flowers, but they are the perfect accessory to add to any decor. They sit on our kitchen table and every time I see them, they just make me happy.

I rummaged through my make-up and picked several colors that were perfect for February fashion. Everyday I use my Dream Mousse Blush (Maybelline), and my Benetint lip gloss. For occassions when I need a little more glow, I use my Benetint liquid blush.

Fashion week in NYC takes off on February 10th! I can only imagine the craziness that is going on in preparation right now. With lots of celebrities, top designers, and guests, I am excited to see pictures of the fashion trends that arise from this week.

Let me just clarify I am no fashion expert by any means. I am just the average girl on a budget, with a LOVE for fashion. My goal is to take fashion trends and inspirations I see and create a look without breaking the bank. So going along with my “February Fever”, I found a pink ruffle top and dark skinny jeans that scream “February” in my opinion!

After all that’s been said about my obsession for February, I would be lying if I wasn’t extremely excited to end this month with my            B-DAY 🙂  Stephen and I both share birthdays one week apart from each other this month…that’s Cake X 2!! (Ha which means GYM X 6!)

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