Cheers to the Holidays!
November 27, 2011

To say that Thanksgiving has come and gone – would be an understatement! I would be lying if I told you I was sick of thanksgiving-like food…I just came home and raided our leftovers for a quick & easy dinner.

I was prepared to show you lots of close-up pictures of Thanksgiving feasts I happily indulged in, including a football tailgate – but over the course of 4 days I could write a novel. So here are a few of my favorites – all delicious food and good times with the fam!

Got Pies? 🙂

~All the Stafford gals~

This is what our back stock room looked like on Black Friday - needless to say we had to stay energized for all the crazy midnight shoppers!


Stafford & Cushman Tailgate Party!

The boys!

The girls!

Now on to Christmas! Let me just tell you I AM READY. Last year, Stephen and I were laying by a pool in Thailand ~ drinking cocktails on Christmas day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it…but that just means this year I am going all out for Christmas 🙂

Stephen seems to be excited too! 😉

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Time to start recovering from my food coma before the next one hits!




Kindergartners, Retail Customers, & Wedding Vendors ~ Oh My!
October 25, 2011

Phew! Dressed to Dish has needed an update for the past few months…and tonight I finally found time to mill about my blog baby to make some important changes. First off – my address is no longer Thailand, but thankfully the experience and memories can be remembered over the course of my blog. Simply flip back to December 2010 for a glimpse as to what our first month in Thailand entailed. Fast forward 8 months and we are back in good ole’ Virginia. Thankfully there are thousands of pictures, because it all seems like one big, whirlwind of a DREAM!

As many of you know, Stephen and I are in the midst of planning a wedding for 2012 – a date which has been unknown….until NOW 🙂 That’s right, after having lots of friends and family ask about our big day ~ we can finally reply with those 4 little words I’ve been itching to say! WE SET A DATE! October 20th of 2012…I will be a married woman!

So for all of you ‘dressed to dish’ readers, please follow along with me over the course of this next year as I run, eat, drink, dress, and work my way through my last year as a Single Lady ~ Now put your hands up! Beyonce fan anyone?

~In other news ~

~ I was SO excited to see my baby sister last week (legal baby sister, I might add). We finally got the chance to have a night out on the town and enjoy a cocktail together since her recent 21st birthday.

~ We also went a little crazy in Target…the Halloween section to be exact.

~Alongside substitute teaching and pursuing my Master’s degree, I have entered the wonderful world of retail. Now let me just tell you I NEVER thought I would work in retail, despite my shopping history. Something about working those registers and dealing with finicky retail customers had me worried. But after adjusting to the first few weeks of this new part time gig, I have to say I am loving it…that or I’m too consumed with the nice discount that comes as a perk to this job. Either way, I am enjoying my day to day interaction with customers and the fact that I get to help dress someone…it’s kinda A LOT of fun. Just don’t come to me with a gazillion things to exchange or return…I’ll smile and bare it but I’m not a happy camper. In case you’re wondering, I am now a Loft girl.

Ann Taylor Loft has been one of my favorite stores for the last few years…and as their slogan says, “Live, Love, Loft” is constantly on my brain. Okay I digress – but just as a forewarn, my love for loft may decline on Black Friday – after just receiving word our store opens at Midnight (as in I eat my turkey, drink my wine, and am ready to pass out) I will be swiping credit cards…so please be kind to me!

One more reason I love loft?



~ So in between my daily run-ins with kindergartners, retail customers, and wedding vendors, I am needless to say on the go. So much so that I am STILL gearing up for my FIRST half marathon on November 12 – it used to be retail therapy that calmed me ~ now running has become my therapy. Needless to say my health and bank account agree with me. Through training, I managed 9 miles this past weekend! How people can simply go out and run 9 or 10 miles like it’s no big deal, I have not a clue. This is honesty for ya – it felt like an ETERNITY. Let me just say that 2 months ago – that was an unimaginable goal for me…like unthinkable! So believe me, if I can do it I know  many of you can too – like for real. I’ll take any runners’ advice you can give – I’m setting out tomorrow to find some new pumped up kicks for myself…seeing as these babies have had a run for their money.

This was a longer post – are you still awake? Bare with me as Dressed to Dish slowly warps back up to speed, I promise more frequent posts to come! Have a great week and stay dressed to dish! 🙂

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