Give me Carbs!

Hi folks!

I’m takin’ it easy this week as far as my running schedule. With less than a week before my half marathon, I am beginning to carbo-load and I am LOVIN’ it 🙂 My family went to a wine tasting over the weekend and I politely guarded the cheese table…in between wine-runs, mind you.

My mom and I continued the party at home with our own wine n’ cheese board 😉

Next up? Stephen and I ordered a Greek Pizza from one of our favorite local spots – Joe’s Inn ~ a family favorite!

Finally, one of my new favorite creations that my mom recently made ~ Mini S’mores! I recently introduced my mom to Pinterest – a website created to pin your favorite things onto collage boards…a highly addictive site, no kidding. She came across a S’mores recipe that is DEE-licious!

Click here for the recipe!

Mom did us proud...these were AMAZING & so easy to make!

So as you can see, I am having no problem getting in my carbs for this Saturday’s run. Take my advice, enjoy a few carbs every now and then! That’s all for now ~ I’m off to decide what my running attire will be for this Saturday…dressed to dish none the less 😉 …because I will be eating as soon as I cross the finish line, seriously!

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3 Responses

  1. The S’Mores were great!

  2. Getting to carb load must be one of the best parts of running a marathon! Those s’mores look so good!

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