Sweet November!

Hope everyone had a safe & spooky Halloween! Leading up to last night’s festivities, I was busy working at The Loft. So I knew my lofty attire had to in some way let customers know I was in the spirit. I opted for black dress pants, a black & white scarf, and orange feather earrings…if I was not at the register or in the dressing room, I could be found eating candy 🙂

Between my low-key Peacock outfit & “Doctor Cush”, we somehow managed to match perfectly. In case you didn’t know, my Peacock attire is only a mere smidgen of how overly obsessed I have become with this gorgeous bird.

On to other news! Happy November!

I can already smell the sweet & southern aromas that will be filling the kitchen this month. That AND the Richmond Magazine ~ Southern Food Guide issue just arrived in our mailbox. Hail Mary bring on the butter & gravy! So as you can imagine, after my nice & relaxing 5 mile run this morning, I was tuned into what southern recipes I could whip up this month.

With less than 12 days til my FIRST Half Marathon – I am more conscious than ever about drinking plenty of fluids & eating a healthy balanced diet. So for lunch I had brown rice, mixed with spinach, tomatoes, & onions. No cookin’ here – I simply popped in my SmartFresh Rice & Veggie bag in the microwave and WALLAH – my lunch was ready in 3 minutes!

Alright friends, have a great Tuesday and Happy November 1st!


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