Give A Girl A Cupcake

Happy Friday friends!

Yesterday was a milestone in my book. In training for the November half marathon – I ran 10 miles. Honestly all I wanted after running was a giant chocolate smoothie, a huge slice of deep dish pizza, and a cupcake. But seeing as how I am in training – I opted for a Powerade, turkey sandwich, and a CUPCAKE 🙂

Katherine's Spider Cupcakes!

No matter what I will never deprive myself of something ~ or else in a week I will probably be on a downward spiral (As in I bought a tub of ice-cream and finished the entire thing in one sitting) Moderation is everything.

Stephen and I recently took a trip to Carytown Cupcakes. First off how have I never been there before now? The interior of their store is old fashioned and makes you feel like you took a trip down memory lane. What really had me excited? With Stephen not being a big dessert fan, he ordered his OWN Amaretto cupcake.

I was so taken back that we were not sharing a dessert that I was speechless – and SUPER excited to inhale my own…yes inhale my pineapple & banana cupcake. This trip was well worth it – and hopefully will come again soon!

We’re off to meet with a potential photographer this evening for our wedding! I’ll catch ya later!

Have a great weekend and stay dressed to dish!


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