In between Travels!

Hi friends! I have missed my beloved “blog baby” (aka Dressed to Dish) so much! Stephen, Julia and myself have literally been on the go for the last 2 weeks straight traveling! From Pattaya to Bangkok to Udon Thani (Northern Thailand close to Lao) to even crossing the South China Sea to Manila in the Philippines!  We finally arrived back to our “home away from home” late last night in Pattaya. It definitely feels good to take a break but the experiences and sights we saw were incredible. I wish I could fill you in on all our latest adventures…but after uploading 1200 pictures to my computer in just 2 weeks (I was a photo-holic 🙂 )…I’m afraid that would take too long! As always I’ll let the pictures do all the talking and Ill do my best to give you a glimpse as to what the past 2 weeks have entailed!

Arriving in Udon after an 8 hour drive!

~ Temples in Udon

With our Tuk Tuk driver in Udon!

Next up? Philippines!

Manila, The Philippines

Rice Fields outside Manila

Almost to Pagsanjan Falls!

Stephen, Julia and I going under the Falls!

Boracay Island off the Philippines

Ziplining on Boracay Island!

Our trip to the Philippines was absolutely amazing! What better way to end our trip in the Philippines than a visit to Krispy Kreme…obviously a successful trip 🙂

We’re off to Phuket this Sunday! Hopefully I’ll brush up on my culinary skills before Sunday since I’ve had a 2 week break of not cooking! Hope you’re having a great week, stay dressed to dish!


3 Responses

  1. so glad you’re having such a wonderful experience traveling!!! Glad to have you back friend!

  2. oOoh, i wanna go back to Bora =)

  3. So jealous! It all looks amazing! One of the nurses in my office just came back to work today after a three week vacation in Thailand. I am going to have to get over there soon to explore! After your year over there, what time of year, weather wise, is best to go over and travel?

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