Whose Turn to Cook?

For the past two weeks Stephen, Julia and myself have been taking turns in the kitchen each night. Last week we indulged in home-made quesadillas, chicken fried rice, spicy chicken chili, Panang Curry, and tonight’s dinner menu is just as exciting ~ Spicy Peanut & Ginger Pork. Let’s just say our kitchen has been getting lots of love 🙂

Julia's kickin' quesadillas were UH-mazing 🙂

But on occasion, our kitchen is closed and we are out and about searching for new restaurants to try. Over the weekend we tried a new restaurant at the Jomtien Tower. Stephen and I had been curious about this one for awhile now. This panoramic rotating restaurant sits on the 52nd floor overlooking all of Pattaya and Jomtien.

The views were amazing – not to mention watching people fly past the window was pretty cool too!

~Back to the kitchen~

Julia and I made a chocolate mint cheesecake last night for another teacher’s birthday at school today.

And oh my GAWD….thank goodness we were forced to share or else we would have devoured it on the way to school – no joke! With so many birthdays and end of the year school celebrations…sweet treats are like second nature at this school. However, many treats end up looking quite different after the kids get a hold of them…hence this sweet & salty cupcake!

On that note…it’s time to eat! I’ll catch ya later! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂



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