Chillin’ with the Birds

This past week at school, another teacher snapped this picture during one of her English lessons. The students really don’t need to daydream here, as they can just take a glance out the window and get distracted by their surroundings! After seeing this exotic bird numerous times, I hope I can get a closer pic next week at school!

Fast forward another day, and Stephen & I happened to meet another friendly bird on one of our daily walks ~ a talking parrot!

Another exciting part of our day? Starbucks was handing out free frappachinos! Why? We don’t ask questions when it comes to freebies.

The only thing more exciting than a free Starbucks Frappachino? We get to see some familiar faces next week! Stephen’s dad and sister are coming and we are SOO excited to hangout and enjoy some touristy things with family! After being away from home for 6 months now…next Friday will without a doubt, be reason to celebrate. Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂 Stay dressed to dish!


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  1. Free frappachinos?! Yes please!

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