Your Royal Highness

By now billions of people across the world have seen the much anticipated wedding of the year! Lucky for us in Thailand, we did not have to get up at the crack of dawn to see the festivities – it was the perfect Friday night special. At school yesterday everyone was buzzing about the details – the hair, the dress, the service, the hats…so much speculation! We had a vote going around on how she’d wear her hair…I was correct in guessing half up half down!

I thought every part of it was gorgeous and breathtaking. Granted when I first saw her long lace sleeves – I was thinking she’s all covered up! But I thought she looked beautiful, elegant and it suited her (now to be) royal duchess in every way. My favorite parts? Kate making her grand debut for the first time in her dress, the carriage ride, the balcony kiss (although both pecks on the lips were entirely too quick for my liking!) and Kate’s reaction to the crowd as she said “Oh wow” overlooking the balcony.

Here’s a recap of our school day, all in preparation for the royal wedding!

It was definitely a royal day at school! Everyone was excited to get home in time to watch the festivities ~ I was starving and felt it royally appropriate to have a cucumber sandwich leading up to the wedding 🙂

I might as well wear a big  festive hat this weekend as I’m still gobbling up all wedding related news 🙂 So what did you think of the wedding?! And most importantly the dress! Have a great weekend ~ stay dressed to dish!


3 Responses

  1. I wish so badly that I like cucumbers.
    I have tried so many times, just can’t do it.

    please feel free to stop by and say hi.

    • Haha I love cucumbers but rarely ever have them on my sandwich. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. That’s so fun that you had a party at school! I thought the same thing about Kate when I saw her: “Sleeves?!” But then I realized she looked so perfect. SO perfect 🙂

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