Stranded on Koh Larn Island!

Hi friends! Yesterday we took a day trip to Koh Larn Island ~ a 45 minute ferry ride off Pattaya’s coast. We have been wanting to make this trip for the past few months and decided it was finally time. Rest assured we are not stranded – but their was reason to worry! We were happy to wake up to a bright and sunny day…perfect weather for an island getaway. We left Pattaya’s dock early morning in hopes for a full day on Koh Larn.

Stephen trying to stay out of the sun on our ride to the island!

Almost there!

The water was crystal clear here with green and blue hues overlapping. Just one thing – there’s no dock! We stopped about 100 yards off the shore and waited for alternate transportation. Slowly but surely another small boat made its way over. I’m not sure if I was myself but I was all the more excited to hop off our ferry and enjoy the small boat experience.

Only problem? People kept tilting the boat…making it very hard not to get wet! After gaining balance…we were set and ready to go!

All aboard?

Upon arriving, we quickly made ourselves feel at home.

A little light reading

A few island cocktails & dishes

And that’s when we saw it ~ the dark skies said it all. With a storm brewing in the distance, we gathered our stuff and headed to the closest little hut for cover.

As soon as we stepped inside for cover, the first hit of lightening struck followed by a bolt of thunder…and then there was downpour. Were we stranded?! They had already canceled our 4pm departure to get back to Pattaya. But almost as fast as it arrived, the storm disappeared and it was bright and sunny again.

It turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon. By late afternoon it was time to board the boats again and head back to Pattaya! It was definitely a successful and relaxing day on Koh Larn. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like it was a nice day! Could have turned into a fun adventure if you did get stranded! (I love adventures, haha)

    • Haha it definitely would have been an adventure had we gotten stranded!

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