Songkran Splash!

This was our newspaper this morning! We braved it yesterday and took a baht bus into town. IT WAS CRAZY! It’s literally one big water party everywhere. So while I wish I could have taken pictures, I just wasn’t willing to risk the life of my camera! I found a you-tube video that gives you a pretty good idea what it’s like right now! We were on this road in the video yesterday – we were drenched the entire way home!

And to think- the main celebration day is not until April 19th. Don’t worry we’ll definitely be outside that day, as it would be too much fun to pass up!

I'm ready for the 19th!

While we were out we enjoyed some sushi for lunch – the avocado wrapped one was my favorite!

So after yesterday’s outing – today we stayed close to home. Instead of partaking in the water action again, we decided to have a ‘picnic’ on the roof and watch the Songkran entertainment from higher grounds. And by picnic, I mean a beach towel and a bowl of popcorn – we were ready to sit back and watch the show!

Some views from the roof!

Every time we walk up here I’m in awe each time. The views are just gorgeous from every angle.

Well folks it’s time to hit the kitchen! I’ve been busy making fudge to give out for the Songkran Holiday and Stephen has been cooking us a fabulous Thai dish for dinner. So basically it’s time to eat! I’ll catch ya tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. Wow, it looks like so much fun, I love it!

  2. What an experience of a lifetime you both are having over there! So glad for the two of you!

    • It’s definitely been an awesome experience – we still miss home! Can’t wait to get together with you guys when we get back 🙂

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