A Friday Fiesta

This morning I made a new breakfast combo – I’m callin’ this one my Breakfast Fiesta!

I took a toasted English Muffin and spread both sides with a thin layer of soft ripe avocado. From there, I filled my sandwich with a fried egg, tomato slices, and jalopeno jack cheese. Nothing like a morning fiesta to kick off my day!

After breakfast I worked out for 30 min on the elliptical but after a half hour that just got boring. Truth is I miss running outside but it’s a lil difficult where we live. Believe me I am thankful for the gym we have but I’ve been itching to do something different. Granted we walk everywhere but the little kid inside of me is desperately wanting to go run in all directions. I may have found a solution – turns out there’s a kickboxing place just down the street…perhaps a trip is in my future! But for now, I came back and did a workout from Women’s Health Magazine.

I don’t know about you but I hardly ever do the exercises featured on tear-out cards. I try it once and then I’m done. Not today! I found a routine that involves no weights or equipment – just your own body weight. It was actually a really good workout!

I’m not sure what’s on our dinner menu for tonight – but I am excited for American Idol.

Aside from the singing, I also love tuning in to see what JLO's attire will be!

Too bad I already found out who gets kicked off because I went on the super addictive site we all know and love – FACEBOOK. American Idol airs a day later in Thailand, so from now on I have to remember to not read facebook statuses before my show airs!

This thin mint reminded me of Girl Scout thin mints!

Last night I enjoyed a chocolate thin mint dipped in my hot cocoa. I don’t know what it is with this Thai Holiday, but there’s a holiday rush going through me! In my mind there’s a huge snowstorm in Thailand preventing us from going outside. But in reality it’s 80 degrees and sunny with a splash of water on your head – aka – Songkran – the Thai New Year. So since we’re “stuck inside” I figured a mug of hot chocolate would be perfect for the occasion. Happy Friday friends! Stay dressed to dish! 🙂


5 Responses

  1. I am at work and your breakfast fiesta is making me crave a breakfast sandwhich I make. It is with an english muffin, fried egg, pork roll, and helluva sharp cheddar cheese (I want to try it with pepper jack cheese next). It is so delicious!

    • Mmm yours sounds so good!! I am loving this pepper jack cheese…i love the “kick” it gives to food 🙂

  2. your breakfast looks yummy!

  3. Your breakfast sandwich looks amazing. I’m starting to treat myself to these breakfast sandwiches on Sundays, and they’re becoming a highlight of my week! 🙂 I think you and Cush need to brave it and document being in the middle of Songkran! 🙂 Ok, I know it’s probably NOT something you want to do, but I just think it’s beyond fascinating 🙂

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