Cleanin’ and Cookin’!

While I love sleeping in on my days off, I love my morning workouts even more. During the work week I usually don’t have time to workout in the morning so I was excited for some morning cardio. Afterwords, I enjoyed my coffee and cinnamon sugar toast.

I used to always eat cinnamon sugar toast growing up but for some reason Peanut Butter has taken over recently. I read recently that warm toast brightens your senses and unlocks happy memories – ultimately putting you in a good mood! ”Researchers haven’t said whether cinnamon sugar adds to the effect – but it can’t hurt” (Food Network Magazine).

With so many days off we figured now was probably the best time to have a cleaning day. So with Itunes on shuffle and food in clear sight, I knew our cleaning day couldn’t be but so bad πŸ˜‰ I finally got a hold of a stack of magazines and school papers that needed some sorting. So while I read reorganized my magazine/book collection, Stephen tackled his closet.

Forget the toast - a clean closet will put me in a good mood any day!

Lunchtime! Stephen made some tuna sandwiches for lunch. The baked doritos did not hurt either πŸ™‚

Next? Songkran Cocktails! My friend Nicole is famous for her lemon & lime “Baby” cocktail. You literally have to rock the jar for close to 45 minutes to get the perfect taste. And let me tell you it is delicious! She usually takes a huge empty pickle jar to make the mix. So after eating lots of pickles this week, Stephen and I decided to make mini “baby” cocktails in small pickle jars. It turned out so good!

Baby Pickle Jar - soon to be my Songkran Cocktail!

For a pickle jar this size, we squeezed one lemon, 2 limes, 2tbs sugar, 2 shots vodka and filled it to the top with ice! After ‘rockin’ the baby’ for about 15 minutes it tasted just right!

Happy Songkran!

We enjoyed our Songkran cocktails down by the pool. We decided to take our chances and step outside for a few minutes. Across the street a group of teenage girls were spraying water on all the people who passed by in baht buses. Oops! We’ve been spotted – they saw us laughing and began sprinting in full force in an attempt to drench us with water. Stephen and I bolted for the front doors and made it inside just in time!

Our dinner!

For dinner we enjoyed an open-face burger! On a slice of toasted bread, we placed our juicy burger smothered in jalapeno jack cheese. Next came the tomatoes, pickles and a drizzle of spicy curry BBQ sauce…YUM. Thank goodness I worked out today – look at this cheesecake one of our neighbors just brought over.

All I can say is I’m kind of loving this thai holiday! Two week break, water fights outside, and lots of home-made goodies? I’ll take it!


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  1. That “baby” cocktail look so interesting! I know you said that being in doors for so long might make for “boring” posts, but I think posts like these are so exciting to read πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re enjoying your time off! Tell Cush I say hi!

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