3 Years & Counting

Today is officially our 3 year Anniversary! Man how time flies. If someone had told me three years ago that I would not only be engaged but living & working in Thailand after college, I would have told them, “You are caraazyy!” But here I am 🙂 And I would not change a thing! To begin our celebration, we begin with breakfast, as all occasions should revolve around food 😉

Open Face Fried Egg Sandwich with Strawberry Jam...yum!

Good til the last bite!

In between running errands today, we ended up at the mall again…imagine that! There’s also a grocery store there so we picked up a few ingredients to cook a home-made Mac n’ Cheese for dinner. On a whim, we passed by the doors to the Hilton Hotel which sits above the 7 story mall. Out of curiosity, we decided to check it out. While wondering the halls we passed by the lobby elevators and I had to take a picture of the sparkles!

We ventured on and came to a restaurant that overlooked the beach. Upon seeing this view, we immediately decided to have a few anniversary cocktails to celebrate 🙂

We walked on stepping stones to get to our seat!


The view was absolutely gorgeous, the cocktails didn’t hurt either 🙂 Fast forward a few hours, and it was time for dinner! I made a Home-made Mac n’ cheese dish for the first time. We decided good ol’ comfort food and champagne would be a nice way to celebrate. Keepin’ it classy 😉

Colby & White Cheddar Cheeses along with Broccoli...so tasty!

I gotta say, I’m pretty proud of this dish – as it is the first time I had ever made a Home-made Mac n’ Cheese by myself. I’ll have the recipe up tomorrow! As for now, we’re enjoying another episode of Junior Master Chef Australia, we love it! These kids cook the most amazing dishes…I’m just glad I’m not competing with them! For those of you just now waking up back home, hope you have a great Sunday, stay dressed to dish 🙂



11 Responses

  1. LOOOVE the place you guys had cocktails at. That looks so neat and fun!

    Happy Anniversary to you both! I am so happy the two of you are so happy together! ❤

  2. Looking forward to your next post!

    • Thanks Anne! So glad you’re enjoying them!

  3. Happy, happy anniversary!! That restaurant looks amazing!! As does that mac ‘n cheese 🙂 I love reading your blog every morning and following your adventures – they always make me so happy!

  4. Congratulations guys. Hard to believe its been 3 years. Your website looks amazing as does Thailand. Tell Cush I said hey and enjoy the view.

    • Thanks Tom! I know time has gone by so fast, hope you’re doing well 🙂 Cush says hi!

  5. Happy anniversary!! Looks like you guys are having such a great time! Congratulations, girl! 🙂

  6. […] afternoon the GYM was calling my name especially after Home-made Mac n’ Cheese last night (not to mention we’re having leftovers tonight). So while leftovers were on the […]

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