Dressed to Dish Project

I’m currently watching the movie, Julie & Julia. I’ve seen this movie a few times before, but I think this is the first time I have paid such close attention to every little detail about this movie. Why? Well like Amy Adam’s character – Julie, I too am now a blogger…which makes me much more inclined to obsess over her every move in the movie. No, I am not going to cook my way through every recipe of Julia’s cookbook – “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. But I’ve realized that I too want a project that I can share on Dressed to Dish. I have literally been thinking about a project idea for a while, and today I think I’ve finally come to a conclusion. Obviously some aspects of food will be involved, but there are many other aspects I wanted to incorporate with this project. What might you ask will be incorporated? Food, fashion, meeting new people, stepping out of my comfort zone, & documenting my weekly finds.

D2D Project Rules:

  • Walk up to a random stranger each week whom I think is dressed in style. Take a picture (with their permission).
  • Quick interview! Ask them their favorite food, style icon, and exercise.
  • My job? Post their picture and answers…and try my best to recreate their favorite food in their honor.

This may sound easy, but I am not one to walk up to someone and randomly strike up a conversation with a total stranger, let alone ask for a photograph. I am so excited to take on this project and find some REAL PEOPLE on the street with a great sense of style. Not only am I excited to meet some “dressed to dish” people, but I am thrilled to try out their favorite dishes in my kitchen. Project starts? Today! I hope to have a weekly post so stay tuned & wish me luck!

Dinner tonight? We enjoyed a tasty breakfast dinner tonight 🙂

Our breakfast dinner was delicious and I’m so glad I was able to sit down to breakfast. Before work I’m usually finishing breakfast on the go.

And as for my Best Dressed List from the Oscars? I saw lots of gorgeous dresses & ensembles, but have decided to show a pic of my favorite 🙂

LOVE her lavendar lace dress!

Her make-up, wavy updo, & sparkly earrings pull everything together!

Alright friends, hope you have a wonderful day! Stay Dressed to Dish! Thoughts on my upcoming D2D Project? 🙂


6 Responses

  1. This sounds like SUCH a cool project!! I am so excited to read about your first encounter! 🙂

  2. YAY! Rachel, I love this idea!!

  3. I LOVE Mila’s dress as well! I didn’t watch the Oscar’s so I can’t say for sure it was my favorite out of them all, but definitely LOVE it.

    Your project sounds amazing! Goodluck with it!

  4. That’s such a great project, looking forward to see how it evolves 🙂
    I was so disappointed by the Oscar dresses this year, but Mila Kunis’ was probably one of my favourites if not the one I liked the most

  5. oohh fun!!!

    ~jacin (from my other blog!)

  6. […] To find my first random “victim” dressed to dish, and take their photograph for my D2D Project! Oh, I may also be on the lookout for a silk […]

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