“I think I can, I think I can”

A Full Baht Bus - AKA - my way of arriving in style to the Mall!

This week our school has First Term Break…which means I have an entire week to Cook, Blog, & catch up on my Work-outs (as I’ve been slacking a little!) In an effort to make each day a little different from the last, I also plan to venture out and run a few shopping errands in between. Just to give you some idea of how much of a BIG DEAL it is for me to run errands by myself without a car – let me fill you in. Since our only mode of transportation is our feet or a baht bus, I usually let my feet transport me everywhere (usually limiting myself to just the block our condo sits on). This past Friday was the FIRST time since I’ve been here that I have actually hailed a baht bus BY MYSELF without Stephen, in an effort to do a little surprise B-day shopping at the mall downtown. Well? I survived! This was a monumental event in my book. Baby steps right? So stay tuned as I strive to use this week off as a week to try new things! Maybe even eat alone…you may have dined alone at a restaurant before and thought it was no big deal. But other than a few early mornings at the dining hall in college (only after an early workout since the dining hall was dead) I am not one to brave eating alone in a public restaurant. But this week looks promising – I hope you’ll join me! My motto this week? “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” ~ The Little Engine That Could 🙂

Sandra Bullock "GETS LOW"!

Cooking, blogging, exercising – what goes perfect with all 3 things? MUSIC. I may or may not have resembled Sandra Bullock’s character in The Proposal as she threw down to GET LOW. Okay substitute that song for Forget You (my new favorite song!) while I made myself breakfast this morning. Let’s just say I had a dance party by myself in the kitchen – not just because I am happy for a week off and the fact that I LOVE that song, but because I FINALLY bought NUTELLA 🙂

How have I not tried this yet?! Move over Peanut Butter Toast, you’ve made a new friend…Nutella! Okay Colleen said there seems to be a “cult-like following” to this stuff. Well? I think I’ve just joined the pack! Stephen may be slightly concerned for my well being as I raved about the fact that CHOCOLATE will now be making frequent appearances for my daily breakfast 🙂

I'm hooked! Peanut Butter & Chocolate for breakfast? Count me in!

Alright I’m off to see my FRENEMY, aka the GYM, for a mid-morning workout. Yes I’m not a happy camper when I walk in the gym, but between the music and the “high” I get after finishing a work-out, it’s my friend in the end 🙂

Seeing how I’m off for the week, follow me as I try to cook something new for dinner each night (okay keyword being “try”). Happy Monday! Stay Dressed to Dish 🙂


10 Responses

  1. I completely feel you on eating alone! I hate it!!! And as for running errands solo… Oh my!… I just moved across state lines and barely venture out I couldn’t imagine being on the other side of the world! You are brave!

    • haha i hate it too! But my love for food is motivating me to go to a restaurant SOLO this week…wish me luck! 🙂

  2. Looks like a promising week, I hope you get to do evertything you’ve planned 🙂
    Nutella and dancing, yeeeees!!!

    • yesss! Nutella and dancing…life seems so simple right haha

  3. I can’t believe this is the first time you have tried Nutella?! I have eaten that stuff since elementary school! Something new you should try, it is something I do and I LOVE it. Grill a nutella sandwhich! Nothing like warm, melted hazelnut chocolate!

    Good luck with your week off and new experiences! It all sounds like so much fun!

    • haha i know I’ve been deprived! I will definitely be trying that for lunch tmw!! Be EXCITED for the next post 🙂

  4. YAYYY!!! I’m SO glad you liked it! 🙂 I told you it was so amazing. Good luck flying solo in Thailand this week! I get lost in the shower, so just thinking about running errands in a foreign country makes me need to breathe into a paper bag 😉

    • haha you literally made me LOL out loud (ya know people always say it but they really don’t laugh out loud)…not just for this comment but for your “Stumbleupon” find on your blog as well 🙂

  5. I don’t love eating by myself at restaurants either. Nutella is amazing, but I’ve never tried it mixed with peanut butter!! that sounds even more amazing!! Enjoy your week off!

    • thanks! yep my breakfast definitely reminded me of a Reese’s Cup…I may have found my match 🙂

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