I <3 Colorful Food

There’s something about colorful food that I just love. Not only is colorful food usually the healthy way to go, but it makes me that much more excited to EAT. Our Saturday was full of colorful food! Take a look at this sushi we indulged in today…it was so tasty (& healthy!).

We LOVE sushi and eat it every chance we get! Sushi can be very healthy depending on what you order. We ate this for lunch today and the colors definitely had us going back for more!

For dinner? Probably the most colorful salad I’ve ever had!

I couldn't pass up the HOT PINK Dressing!

Okay I know what you’re thinking….what the heck is that pink stuff?! I seriously was thinking the same thing…but I had to give it a go. Turns out it is called “Coyc” dressing and it was delicious! Since it was a salad bar I also added dragon fruit, peppers, papaya, and an avocado dressing…and if you’re wondering – YES, I went back for seconds! We did a lot of walking today, so I had no problem going back for more 🙂

White Chocolate Mousse!

This dessert was well worth it…even if it was not the healthiest. It was still colorful to look at with the gorgeous fruit and strawberry sauce that accompanied the white chocolate mousse.

Just wanted to take a quick blog break to share the colorful food I enjoyed today! It’s Stephen’s birthday weekend – the BIG 25! So I’m glad we kept it pretty healthy today, as I’m sure I’ll have some colorful (and not so healthy) food to share with you tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and stay dressed to dish!


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  1. Tell Cush Happy 25th Birthday for me!

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