Several things making me Smile

I LOVE these comfy Thai pants & my roses from Stephen!

Not only am I smiling for pretty flowers, but I am loving these blue cotton pants! I became overwhelmed when I found them in a range of different colors…decisions, decisions! I finally decided on dark purple & blue.

I was lucky when I found some current magazines in the staff room at work today. This article in the British edition of Glamour Magazine caught my eye! I’m always looking for advice on how to look AWAKE at 7am!

World's LONGEST Kiss! The couple in the middle won after 46 hrs!

Yes, Stephen and I actually witnessed the world’s longest kissing contest that has hit the press in Pattaya & around the world! While it started 6am Sunday, we witnessed it on Monday evening! Apparently the winning couple kissed for about 46 hours…crazy! For more details click here!

Sweet Treat!

Finally, I can’t end this post without sharing my indulgence of the day. One teacher brought this to lunch today and was nice enough to share 🙂 Not even sure what it’s called but I can tell you it was tasty! Let’s just say I saw my friend – the GYM, this afternoon.



2 Responses

  1. 46 hours?! You’re seeing the coolest stuff over there! I love reading about it 🙂

  2. I LOVE those Thai pants little!!

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