Never a Dull Sunday!

Our Sunday was spent outside all day – Stephen played cricket while I watched. While I tried my best to stay focused on the game, I soon got distracted by my surroundings! Not only was there a Moon-bounce, but there was a Concession stand where I found myself often drifting to 🙂

I convinced Stephen to eat some Concession Food with me in between cricket games!

Hot dogs & Hamburgers sounded good to us!

While the game continued, I met a new furry friend and her name was Bonnie 🙂

Bonnie ~ A beautiful golden retriever

I did not realize cricket was literally an all day event. Needless to say, I decided to join the kids in the Moon-bounce.

The kid in me came out today!

In between all of my distractions, I managed to get a quick pic of Stephen coming off the field! He survived his first game of cricket…and I survived watching it with the help of Bonnie, concession food, and a moon-bounce 🙂

Despite our concession food, we had still worked up an appetite for more FOOD.

I had a Pineapple filled Chicken Fried Rice and boy was it tasty and very filling! This is next on my list of things to cook! was so good!

After a fun filled Sunday, we are exhausted! It’s never a dull Sunday!

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3 Responses

  1. That was certainly a fun-filled day! That pineapple filled with chicken fried rice looks amaaazing! Was the pineapple just scooped out and filled with the rice? Cory’s had a recent obsession with pineapples. He’s buying two at a time! I think this is on my to-make-asap list as well! 🙂

    • It was so good, they scooped out most of the pineapple and diced up some of it to mix in with the rice. I know I want to try to make it too!

  2. […] After listening to all the Italian music, language and talk of pizza & pasta throughout the movie – you would think I would be cooking something with an Italian flare tonight! But I already have plans to make a Pineapple-filled Chicken Fried Rice, just like this one I ordered a few nights ago! […]

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