Are you “Dressed to Dish”?!

Dressed to Dish! It was a good excuse to play dress-up 🙂

Okay I’ve shown you some of my “Dressed to Dish” ensembles…but now it’s YOUR TURN to show me yours!  Here’s a chance to become featured on Dressed to Dish!

Be creative 🙂 Wear your favorite outfit, accessory, or new obsession & snap a picture of yourself with your favorite dish. Whether you cooked or dined out it does not matter! Food is food!  I will pick my top favorites and display them 🙂 Please email me  at with an attached photo. My favorites will be displayed on Valentine’s Day! If you’re a fellow blogger, send me your link to also get featured!

To become featured, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to Dressed to Dish (scroll to bottom of home page) and spread the word, that’s it! Whether you tweet, facebook, email or blog, it does not matter! Just spread the link to become featured on Dressed to Dish. If you are already a subscriber, you’re half way there! I am SO excited to see some of my “dressed to dish” readers in action! 🙂


I used THIS recipe and switched the cream for milk. I added cherry tomatoes, green beans & basil.

As for now, I’m going to kick back, indulge, and watch some American Idol 🙂


One Response

  1. Mmmmm….looks good. I might serve this for Valentine’s Day Dinner! What did you have for dessert??

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