Shopping Like There’s NO Tomorrow!

I think I've died and gone to Mall Heaven.

Yes I am a shopaholic…but I know my limits (most of the time). Since our Superbowl Sunday technically was not the Superbowl Sunday for us, (read previous post) besides eating my way through the day, the day was spent SHOPPING. We spent the morning making our way through this 7 story high Mall…only to end up buying sushi, which was fine by me 🙂 The mall was still decorated for the Chinese New Year so just walking inside is overwhelming enough, let alone shopping.

Sunday evening =More shopping with Stephen’s Aunt Jeep 🙂

My shopping partner in crime...I want her zebra striped purse!

Stephen’s Aunt Jeep is ALWAYS dressed to dish. Born in Thailand, she knows all the in’s and out’s for good local shopping. Sunday evening she took us to a Night Market only open on the weekends. This is where the fun began. At 5pm thousands of vendors set up shop and before it even hit 6pm, the place was JUMPIN’. There was everything from clothes to food to jewelry & everything else in between.


Stephen’s niece Jessica, became my personal shopping assistant 🙂

Ready to bargain shop!

Jessica is fluent in both Thai and English, so she definitely helped me with my bargain shopping.

My personal shopping assistant in action, always trying to make a deal.

After shopping, we needed to indulge in a cupcake!

A girl after my own heart, she loves shopping and eating sweets just like me 🙂

And sadly, this is where Jessica and I part ways. Can you tell what is in this next picture?!

Grasshoppers! We came across a vendor ready to fry up some grasshoppers, worms, and frogs…definitely not in Kansas anymore! Stephen and I were in shock when Jessica happily indulged in a mouthful of grasshoppers. I went practically running in the opposite direction as Jessica chased me, all in an effort to touch me with her grasshopper fingers, yuck!

cute shoes!

Besides listening to Jessica chomp on her crunchy grasshoppers all the way home, our Sunday shopping was a success 🙂 I walked away with several great bargains, including these shoes which I love!

Hope you have a great week, stay Dressed to Dish! Subscribe at the bottom of the Home Page 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Grasshopppers?!? Yikes! That’s where I would have to draw the line 😉 Love the new sandals!!

  2. I just awarded you on my blog, check it out!

    • thanks girl!! (the link back to my blog appeared to be broken when i clicked it on your post) Be ready to hear some fun facts about me! 🙂

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