Superbowl Sunday = FOOD!

Superbowl Monday!? Yep you read that correctly. With the time difference in Thailand, the Superbowl is airing at 6am Monday morning. We’ve heard news of several bars opening early to show the Superbowl to all those dedicated American fans. I LOVE the Superbowl for several important reasons: Game-day FOOD, crazy & humorous commercials, and the HALF-TIME show! What could possibly be missing?! Oh right – and the lovely game of football 🙂 My family will be the first to tell you, other than following our beloved UVA Cavaliers (gotta love those Tail-Gates), I am not much of a football follower. Yes, I am often that girl on Superbowl Sunday still asking to be reminded who is playing. Don’t worry, even in Thailand I know that it is the Pittsburg Steelers & the Green Bay Packers this year…Dad, aren’t you proud? Well seeing how I will be working during the Superbowl (not that I would get up at 6am to watch it anyways) Stephen & I decided our Sunday should still be dedicated to Superbowl FOOD!

What’s on the MENU you ask? Home-made GUACAMOLE & Game Day CHILI!

We used THIS recipe for our guacamole and added a red chili to kick it up a notch. It was SO good!

Our home-made CHILI was delicious as always.

Phew! Just to remind you of EVERYTHING I happily indulged in this past weekend, here’s a QUICK RECAP!

And this is where it has taken me!

THE GYM. Trying to burn off some of those calories! Thank you Katy Perry & Taio Cruz for all the “Fireworks” & “Dynamite” that are helping me get through this cardio routine! The gym overlooks the pool. And who do I see? Stephen – relaxing with his high metabolism. If only we were all so lucky.

It's a tough life ain't it?

 Have a wonderful SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! Eat lots of good food and stay DRESSED to DISH! (And watch some football for me 🙂 )


8 Responses

  1. Your girls night looked fun! I would kill for a facial right now! Brazil is humid and hot and my skin is paying for it. I just realized we switched links but we’re not actual followers. Lets fix that? Did you get the facebook button figured out?

    • Yes it was lots of fun! And we definitely need to fix that and become followers ASAP! 🙂

  2. yummy!!!

  3. K I just subscribed to your blog

  4. LOVE it little! I am addicted to your blog and look forward to your new posts every day! Love your pictures too!

  5. All those treats look so delish! The gym has been calling my name as well! I think my jeans feel a liiitle snug this morning 🙂

  6. Isn’t it just like Cush to sit on his butt lol I do have to say though, all of those treats look sooo much yummier (is that a word? lol) than the fried grasshoppers lol 😀

    • haha i completely agree about the grasshoppers…we should just make “yummier” a word because I’ve probably used it before 🙂

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