GIRL’S NITE! Ribs & Facials!

My friday night consisted of delicious COMFORT FOOD, a trip to the SPA, and lots of laughter with the best of company! I met Sabrina and Cailin through work and after a long school week, last night’s Girl’s Night was MUCH needed. I warned both of them ahead of time that our night would be well documented by my camera. I’m not sure they knew how serious I was until I snapped photos of literally everything – hey a girl’s gotta blog! 🙂 To my delight they were happy to pose for every picture, informing them they would soon be featured on Dressed to Dish!

Are we still in Thailand? Yep!

We dined at The Great American Rib Company. There’s nothing like good ol’ southern comfort food to make a girl feel at home. Now granted, it was the “Rib Company” and while both Sabrina and Cailin had the ribs, I opted for Sweet Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork. Just typing that – Sweet Carolina BBQ Pulled Pork – makes me want to go for some more right now!

My Dish in all it’s glory, just before I got hold of it!

Along with my Carolina Pulled Pork, my dish included sweet corn on the cob, moist corn bread, juicy watermelon, and some pipin’ hot curly fries. Sounds like southern comfort food at its best! While we all love thai food, we agreed this was a nice change of taste!

Next up? A trip to the SPA!

We all chose the HOUR LONG Deep Cleansing Facial & Massage. Okay let me just tell you I have never had a facial in my life so I am not used to all the focus being on my face. With that being said, as soon as my Masseuse put her hands on my face, I could not help but laugh! You know those moments in life when you have to laugh so hard at the most inappropriate time?! That was this! Just imagine complete silence, soft soothing Asian music, in a private room all to yourself…just you and your Masseuse – and then a quick burst of loud laughter to kill the mood. Ha after a few minutes, I was able to adjust and fall into a state of complete relaxation. As Sabrina said, “who knows what lotions & potions were being put on our faces”. For about half the hour, there was a mask on my face with something covering my eyes (And I would be lying if I didn’t tell you all I was thinking was – would it be inappropriate to stop her and ask her to take a picture). Don’t worry, the moment passed and I was back into a “coma-like” state. After the hour was up, we were all in a state of “zombie mode” because it was THAT relaxing.

Cailin and I with my Masseuse!

A quick pic after all the lotions & potions!

The evening ended with warm tea and lots of laughter 🙂 We agreed another SPA trip would have to be in the near future, as it was the perfect way to end the work week. My trip to Thailand has been by far one of the best experiences of my life, and making new friends along the way has made it that much better!

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2 Responses

  1. beautiful looking spa…girl you can’t get the giggles at the spa! haha…love this!

    • haha it was a VERY nice spa…and all I could do was laugh…thank goodness my masseuse got a good laugh out of it too 🙂

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