Chinese New Year Celebration

Festive Chinese Dragon

I feel like Thailand celebrates the New Year practically year round! Today’s celebration was in honor of the Chinese New Year (The actual Thai New Year is called Songkran, in April). The school I work in was definitely decorated for the occasion, as chinese dragons and festive red & gold colors filled the halls. All students and teachers dressed in red & gold attire today for the occasion, with a morning parade to begin the school day!

A very FESTIVE school day!

With lots of bright colors, decorations, and a parade to start, today’s school day was definitely ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year! One teacher was nice enough to pose for a picture 🙂 I love her oriental dress! She paired it perfectly with a black cardigan, tights, and red flats.

Jealous that I had little to work with as far as red & gold attire, I used what inspiration I had!

This gorgeous oriental doll sits on my make-up table. Needless to say her gold and red attire was the perfect inspiration!



Happy Year of the Rabbit!


After going through my closet, I ended up choosing a dark red top and a black skirt. I wore a shimmery gold sweater (crochet & lightweight sweater from Bebe) over top.

Home-made Chicken Fried Rice

Whether he meant to or not, Stephen cooked chicken fried rice for dinner tonight…YUM. I thought this was a very appropriate dish to carry out the Chinese New Year. Coincidence? Maybe! But definitely a tasty dish to come back to after a trip to the gym 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, I just love every outfit you wear! I may or may not have to hop on a plane and come raid your closet 🙂 Happy New Year! 😉

    • haha please do! we welcome all guests to come visit!

  2. I love your outfit little! You look so chic!

  3. you r in the right place for dress and dish, racheal 🙂

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