Magazine Madness!


Hi. My name is Rachel and I am a “Magazine-oholic”. Okay yes I look corny as I stand on the top of Big Buddha Hill with my Glamour Magazine…but bear with me as I share details. I took this picture a few weeks ago and hesitated to post it because of the “cornyness” or maybe desperation in my case, that it portrayed. For as long as I can remember, my favorite pastime or guilty pleasure as it may be, has been my obsession for magazines. If I so much as see a glimpse of a magazine section somewhere, I usually have to be pulled away by a friend so I don’t rack up countless dollars towards my almost scary obsession! However, my magazine obsession is now almost a distant memory in Thailand because of the ridiculous import prices. If you’re familiar with magazines, you know that sometimes readers are featured when they travel somewhere interesting with their magazine. SO I marched right up Big Buddha Hill with my Glamour Magazine to hopefully become featured in a future Glamour edition! (Fingers Crossed!)

 Will this be my potential BIG-BREAK into the Magazine world after all these years as a dedicated follower?! Probably not. Were people staring at me with crazy eyes for bringing my magazine all the way to the top of the hill?! YES. But it would definitely be a treat to see a tiny thumbnail picture of myself in the table of contents after all these years. If not, then at least I could share it with you! Why lines like, “Eat This and Lose 10 pounds!” or “Wear this and look like a Movie Star” are lines that have me jumping for joy at each new issue, I will never know. In retrospect, I find myself spending countless hours reading back through my blog, as it has become like my online diary I share with the world. Perhaps Dressed to Dish is my new personal magazine (don’t rain on my parade…it’s a thought 🙂 ) that has me smiling at the  sheer thought of that idea…hey a girl can dream!

As for now, I am perfectly happy whenever a package arrives because I know my mom has just sent me another magazine, a small slice of heaven in my case. Thanks Mom! 🙂 Excuse me while I become immersed in a stack of magazines on my floor.

Anyone else have a weakness for MAGAZINES and the juicy gossip they dish?


7 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, you may have inherited the magazine disease from me! Perhaps it’s the fault of the grocery stores having all those magazines at the check out counter!
    Love – Mom

  2. Girl if you facebook me your address I’ll mail you magazines as I finish with them!

  3. i miss magazines! with all the inspiration online sometimes i forget to indulge in them. cute pic 🙂

  4. I hope you get featured on the magazine (I share the addiction)

    • thanks me too! I looked at your blog and love it!

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