It’s the Simple Things in Life :)

Mmmm...all I can say about this Fruit Danish!

 Saturdays we usually get plenty of walking in, so I had no problem devouring this delectable Fruit Danish at Mokador Cafe this morning. Stephen may not agree, but this has just surpassed my all time favorite breakfast Croissant at Mokador. You do not even realize how excited I was to take the first bite! Made fresh from Mokador’s bakery, this glazed, Fruit Danish tasted like heaven. Our Saturdays have started to consist of lots of window shopping, obviously starting off the day at Mokador Cafe…their bold coffee definitely gets us moving.

Doing what I do best!

Don’t judge me on my attire. When I know ahead of time that we will be outside walking for a majority of the day, my focus is more on the food! Which means comfy clothes are a must, so let’s just say I decided that little flower in my hair made up for my tank and Soffe shorts. Besides let’s face it, by the end of the day when our faces are dripping with sweat  glistening from the sun, I’m not thinking about fashion.

Trinket Shopping!

After a day in the sun, we have resorted to another night in, everything dedicated to cooking, movies, & organizing our kitchen! Gosh I sound like Monica on the tv show Friends…she is a clean freak about her kitchen organization. Well seeing how I basically make up my bed before I even get out in the morning, I guess I have a little bit of “Monica” in me. 🙂 I’m okay with it!

Tomato, Cucumber, & Dragonfruit Salad


Fettuccine, Cheese & Herbs

It was my turn to cook dinner tonight, so I fixed up a colorful fruit salad to go along with MORE PASTA. Yes we resort to pasta a majority of the time because it’s in our budget…creative thinking is a must so we don’t have too many repeats! I used fettuccine noodles mixed in a cheese & herbs sauce (store bought but so good!) adding basil on top. As for my salad, I tossed in the usual tomatoes and cucumbers, but also added dragonfruit to the mix. I welcome any pasta related ideas so please send them my way!

Dressed to Dish!

I know what you must be thinking…what the heck is she wearing?! Since I’ve been in Thailand I see Thai girls everywhere wearing these cotton thai pants. Today I bought some! As Stephen said when he first saw these on me, “Now there’s some authentic thai fashion!” Ha not sure how many times I will wear them out, but they are PERFECT for a cozy night in. These pants were the last in its color…I literally took these off the manaquin. My motto – No Bargain, No Buy! As you can see, I got a bargain.

After a wonderful Saturday I’m ready to call it a night. To check out other aspects of our stay here in Thailand I encourage you to check out Stephen’s blog as well! For those of you back home who are just now waking up, have a wonderful Saturday and stay Dressed to Dish! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Gosh Rachel…i just love your blog!! i checked out the boys too and i enjoy them both!! it looks like you both are doing well… and i must say… i am completely jealous of the lifestyle you all are living!!! i continue to wish you both luck and can’t wait to see more and more!!! <3333, Kathy

    • Aw thanks girl you made my day!! It’s become my latest obsession, I hope you are doing well!!

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