Go Bananas!

Okay so I think I have gone crazy for bananas recently. With bananas sold on almost every street corner, we have been buying them constantly…making them a staple in our diet! I decided to branch out from my peanut butter & banana sandwich and make something with a bit more flare.

Strawberry Banana Pancakes

As much as I like to make things from scratch, let’s face it I don’t always have the time or energy…or budget! So without trying to get all Sandra Lee Semi- Home-Made on you, let’s just say all you need for these YUMMY Strawberry Banana Pancakes is a box of Bisquick! From there on, I added bananas to my mix and Walla! The night before I combined strawberry slices, 3 tsp. of vanilla extract and about a 1/2 cup sugar. By morning, it was perfect to drizzle over these banana pancakes…can I say YUM?


And I can’t forget about DESSERT!

YUM! More please?

Continuing on with my banana kick, I made a tasty treat for after dinner. After discovering PF Chang’s Banana Spring Rolls Dessert a few years ago (So Good!), I did the best I could (with few ingredients to play with) and made a simpler version. I LOVE my version for 3 reasons: 1. SO Affordable! 2. SO Easy! 3. SO Incredibly Tasty! Okay probably the easiest dessert I’ve ever made…with 5 ingredients.

Easy Banana Dessert

  1. 3 Bananas (or 6 small thai bananas)
  2. Cinnamon Sugar
  3. Butter (about 2 tbs.)
  4. Icecream (any flavor!)
  5. Syrup

After melting the butter in a pan, I sauteed my bananas. During this process I sprinkled the cinnamon sugar, making sure all sides were covered. Within a few minutes they were ready! I served them with a scoop of chocolate chip icecream with a little bit of syrup. I noticed there was some of the cinnamon sugar & butter mixture left, so I drizzled the rest on top…DELISH & so simple!


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