Coffee, Shopping & Food

Magazines & day is off to a good start!

Waking up to a sunny Saturday is almost as good as my morning coffee! This morning Stephen and I ventured out to our favorite cafe Mokador to enjoy some hot coffee. I splurged the other day and bought an American magazine (they’re ridiculously expensive here!) for the first time since I’ve been here…hey that’s an accomplishment for me. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a “Magazine-oholic“…if there were such a thing. I was happy to catch up with some of the latest trends hitting the fashion and food world. So this was definitely a treat to go along with my coffee!

Friendship Supermarket

Next up? Grocery shopping! Who wouldn’t want to go shopping for food when the Supermarket is as elaborate & pretty as this one?! I think I could spend hours in the grocery store looking for new ingredients to play with…that along with the magazine section!

  We spent the rest of the day window shopping. Well, minus buying a gorgeous Thai silk scarf. For 100 baht (about $3) not too shabby! I paired it with a black top and denim capris. Just goes to show scarves are not just for winter! I know this is no new discovery…but since I only wear them in the winter, I was proud to extend my fashion limits! Hopefully I can get over my tallness and wear high heels soon…now that would be a MAJOR fashion break-through for me. Until then, I’m perfectly content with my flats!

My entree: Pasta Seafood

 Finally my favorite part…our evening was spent with amazing food and even better company. Stephen and I accompanied his Uncle Steve and Aunt Jeep for a delicious dinner at Manhattan’s Steakhouse. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible the food tasted. So with that being said, here’s a play by play of the night in action!

Okay next up? THE FOOD!

We were STUFFED by the time it was all said and done. The evening ended with coffee and after dinner drinks. (GYM tomorrow? I think so!) I always say when my day starts and ends with coffee…it’s been a good one. (Although there may or may not have been a splash of Bailey’s in my coffee second go round 😉 )After all the coffee, shopping, delicious food, & a surprise phone call home…my day ended in happy tears! Until tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and stay Dressed to Dish!


3 Responses

  1. OH my goodness! That food looks absolutely AMAZING! And that grocery store! How fun 🙂 Also, the scarf is adorable. For $3 bucks? Yes, please! 😉

  2. Yes the food was amazing! I may be following your workout routine tmw to make up for it!

  3. love the scarf! you look hot, girl!

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