Several Things

Fresh cut flowers always brighten my day!

 The past few days were really relaxing. The weather has been amazing and the weekend was spent exploring the in’s and out’s of Pattaya City. Aside from eating tiramisu & cozying up to watch the Golden Globes, here are several other things that are making me happy.

Thai Chicken Fried Rice

Thai chicken fried rice cooked perfectly right on the beach…delicious and need I say convenient?

Flower Vendors

When walking down Pattaya Tai (South Road) we pass hundreds of vendors in markets. They sell everything imaginable, one of my favorites being the flower vendors. These vendors create some of the most beautiful and extravagant flower displays I have ever seen…as if the vibrant colors weren’t enough.

Gorgeous hand-made Thai dresses

Before the year’s up, my suitcases may be overflowing with too many new clothes & souveniers to take home..oh wait that is exactly why I brought an empty suitcase along 🙂 Despite my obsession for shopping, I am a girl on a budget, so the bargain shopper within me is up for the challenge!


2 Responses

  1. Beautiful! Love the vibrant colors of the flowers and the dresses!

  2. That chicken fried rice looks so delish! What a smart girl for bringing an empty suitcase along!! 🙂

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