Good Morning 2011~Breakfast it is!

As I wake up to a new year, I figure what better way to get my year started than to have a hot cup of coffee alongside a sweet & flaky croissant at Mokador Cafe. Starting my day off with a healthy, hearty breakfast has become one of my resolutions this year, to not skip breakfast! (As it is the fuel that keeps me energized for the day). Aside from giving me my energy, I’m less likely to snack alot during the day. With that being said, my favorite breakfast option thus far has been a warm croissant sandwich, filled with fresh Dutch Gouda cheese, ham and tomato. I’m a very big dessert person, but I have to say this breakfast croissant is hard to beat.

My all time favorite Breakfast Croissant

 Their motto at Mokador is “It’s all about the Coffee”, and while I agree wholeheartedly, this croissant may be saying otherwise.

Omelette with a Thai twist

To switch it up, I’ll occasionally order the “light breakfast” as they say, which is anything but light. It includes a large cheesy omelette filled with tomato and onion, along with several slices of bacon. Like any restaurant in Thailand, they manage to give it a Thai twist with various seasonings and spices.

Mokador's Coffee

Last but certainly not least,  Mokador’s delicious bold coffee. They have several options as far as coffee, my favorite being the Americano.

Stephen & I with our favorite waitresses at Mokador

Some might say Stephen and I have become regulars at Mokador, which we can’t argue with! This has become our favorite morning spot in Pattaya. It can’t get much better than hot coffee, yummy breakfasts and good company! Lesson learned? Don’t skip breakfast.


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