A Fruit Frenzy

Back home I very rarely went to a farmer’s market, as close and convenient as they were. In Pattaya, I cannot go even a block without seeing some of the most vibrant and juicy looking fruit imaginable. Fruit markets and vendors cover the streets with everything from dragonfruit to coconuts to lychee. Many fruits are so foreign to me that I have neither heard of nor seen them before. I must say I am most likely to buy fruit from a vendor passing on the beach…but today I felt I had to pay a visit to a true thai market, as the fruit is too gorgeous to pass up. As if the range of colors weren’t enough to make you want to buy every piece of fruit, the juicy smells of fresh produce had people coming from all directions. Being the indecisive gal I am, I surprised myself when I quickly made up my mind on dragonfruit, kiwi and pineapple. After a long day of walking in humidity too hot to think, this fruit was on its way to becoming a tasty, refreshing treat after such a long day. As tempted as I was to eat each one individually…and one after the other I might add, I decided to whip up a quick fruit salad.


I simply sliced off the tops of the pineapple and dragonfruit and scooped out all of the fruit. I then filled them with all three fruits- such an easy and pretty fruit arrangement! The juices and flavors of the fruits combine to create a juice of their own, but you can also add a little honey and lemon juice for some extra sweetness.  


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